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Categories of Listed Websites


  • Travel Agencies
  • Carpooling √
  • Accommodation
  • Car Rental
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Transportation/Travel


  • Job Offers
  • Internship Offers
  • Casting
  • Professional Training
  • Entrepreneurship & Coaching

Why siterating.net?

Internet has become our daily tool of choice for goods and services exchanges in various fields: Purchases and Sales, Currency exchange and transfer, Revenue-generating investments, Revenue-generating services, Online Banking and Insurance, Online Payments, etc.

But we have to be careful of the growing number of SCAM websites. For example, you can pay for a good or service that is not delivered at all or delivered in poor quality, make a transfer or payment that doesn’t reach the recipient, make an online cash deposit and the site responsible for it disappears over night, render a remunerative service online and not get paid, etc.

Since there are hundreds, thousands of sites per business category, choosing an appropriate and reliable website for one’s online business is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone.

That’s why we created « siterating.net » in order to play our score by proposing solutions to save internet browsing.

How it Works?

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Our main objective:

Clear out or Report SCAM and Doubtful Websites, Only display credible and reliable websites for internet users.

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